Welsh Canoeing Association's website - the official Association for Wales, affiliated to the BCU.

Bing Maps will help you find places mentioned.

Ministry of Defense contacts for some of the military exercise areas are to be found in this discussion and this one. See also the Ministry of Defence webpages for contacts.

Planning your first multi-day trip? Mark Rainsley's article "a Special Kind of Freedom" is essential reading.

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Kayak Trails / Route Plans / Guides to specif areas

Inland Waterways - details and guides to canals and other inland waters.

Other sites with routes / trip reports

Sean Morley paddled round all the inhabited islands of UK in 2004 - a stunning trip, well documented here.

Many of the bloggers have excellent pictures and write-ups of their trips - check the Other Sites page.

Bolton Canoe Club's is worth a look at for trip ideas.

BITCHES PADDLING ADVICE - useful info from Canoe Wales.

The Bitches - Whitewater Playspot - a lot of background about the Bitches.

NWSK's web site has some reports on Welsh trips.

Swaledale Outdoor Club has some excellent illustrated trip reports covering trips in a variety of locations.

Song of the Paddle, although dedicated to Open Canoes, provides a useful reference to places to paddle.

Local info

Local Centres & Kayak Hire

Weather & tides

"Easy Reference Sheet" - Western England & Wales - Summary sheet with paddling speed calculators, wind speed chart, CG contact & MSI Broadcast Times, Marine VHF channels etc

Inland Waterways - details and guides to canals and other inland waters. Click the "Go Boating" link for extra details. See also this link.

Photography - The Geograph project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland - there are some useful coastal shots.

Bothies - the Mountain Bothies Association maintains a variety of bothies throught the UK. The UKBothies forum provides a mass of useful information.