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Sea Paddling trips around the English coast

Sea Paddling trips around the English coast

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Channel Islands

Chesil Beach

Cornwall - with pics

Farne Islands

Flat Holm & Steep Holm

Jersey - 2006 Symposium

Kimmeridge to Weymouth

Lundy with a guide to Lundy - download a Word Doc with the Guide here. See also here. Some planning advice here

Portland Bill

Scilly - discussions here, here, here, here and here

Surfing - SW England - places to surf.

British Canoeing website.

British Canoeing Sea Kayaking site.

Bing Maps will help you find places mentioned.

Military Exercise Areas - the Lulworth Ranges - details. Ministry of Defense contacts for some of the military exercise areas are to be found in this discussion and this one. See also the Ministry of Defence webpages for contacts.

Planning your first multi-day trip? Mark Rainsley's article "a Special Kind of Freedom" is essential reading.

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Sea kayak trips around the Island of Ireland

Sea kayak trips in Scotland.

Sea kayak trips around the Welsh coast

Sea kayak trips in the rest of the world outside the British Isles.