This section of the website contains a diversity of documents to outline the evolution sea kayaking in the modern era. It is acknowledged that it is limited in scope and the sources were written from a European perspective and as such only relate to a small part of the story. The section is subdivided. With one part focusing on the equipment and the other the evolution of the sport itself. As the modern sea kayak evolved into a craft to undertake long journeys in challenging environments this second section includes reports of noteworthy expeditions.

This history and development may also be traced in the ASKC and ISKA newsletters, indexing these newsletters to improve access to this is work in progress. The current indexing is also held in the Sport and Expeditions Section

Boat Design and Availability:

  1. The Importance of the Igdlorssuit Kayak Anas Acuta and Nordkapp Evolution
  2. ASKC Buyers Directory Sea Kayaks UK 1984
  3. ISKA Buyers Directory Sea Kayaks Single 2004

Evolution of the Sport and Expeditions:

  1. History UK Sea Kayaking
  2. Modern Sea Kayaking
  3. Sea Kayak expeditions throughout the history of the sport of sea kayaking
  4. Scilly Isles Crossing by Midland Canoe Club
  5. Report The British Yakatut Expedition 1984

Complete list of tides which have appeared in the newsletter of the Advanced Sea Kayak Club doc. 40 to 46 (inclusive for the year 1984. Reference is to newsletter Number followed by page number (starting with 1 on first inside page after the editorial – i.e. 40/1. )

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