I've been fortunate enough to spend a fabulous day with these down on the Solway. The top picture is of the K1RS, this is the "detuned" expedition model but I found it fast and responsive to edging with amazing secondary stability.

Very comfortable straight legged position aided powerful power transfer through the feet. In lightish winds rudder and skeg were redundant. Excellent for taking on the water photographs.

The lower picture is of the K1XP, this is a long narrow v shaped hull with a particularly long waterline length. It is based on a marathon design with the seat well back and again straight legged position. It is the most responsive boat to edging I have tried but remarkably I found I was still able to get good on the water photos, which I find difficult in a Nordkapp Jubilee or Sirius. It is very easy to paddle fast and on rougher water in the Clyde, it pitched noticeably less than the Quest.

Both boats were finished to a very high standard, easily as good as Valley and P&H.

I particularly liked the K1XP, a very accessible performance kayak.

Douglas Wilcox - October 2004


Absolutely fantastic, fast and handy.
Long waterline gives a high top speed, and narrow wavepiercing ends make the canoe easily driven in all conditions. Fairly hard chines combine with high deadrise (rise of hull from keel to chine) angle to give fairly low primary stability but outstanding dynamical or secondary stability. Fairly long ‘fixed skeg’ at stern provides the best directional stability I have seen, which just makes it all a pleasure compared to many designs. Fairly high rocker facilitates turning, although it is still slow to turn unless you are proficient at edging. The rocker and stern combine to give excellent surfing downwind.

Seating position.
The knee braces are moulded into the cockpit coaming, and are much less aggressive than some other designs. Your legs are not forced as wide as many other boats do, but it is not a pure straight legged position either. I find it very comfortable, and legs can be moved around a good bit due to the large cockpit volume. (Read more.)

Niall Duncanson - October 2005

Take a look at the Point 65 website. UK supplier is SPS.