KCS returned to the market in 2014 with the original trolley which also doubles as a means of loading a boat if you have a van or estate type car, and there is now also a revised version of the original concept which is called the Expedition model. In this incarnation, it deals with everything from rough beaches to smooth surfaces while still packing away in the boat, even for an exped. That said, the massive boulders of the Summer Isles beaches would defeat it, and indeed any trolley. On a day trip, with the wheels, axle and rear support removed it goes in the hatches. Broken down to its component parts it can either go in its bag (supplied) on the deck, or can be secreted in the boat.

Travelling to and from the launch, we just put them in the cockpit, fully assembled, with a cockpit cover over the cockpit. That works with a TideRace XcapeX and a glass P&H Capella although smaller boats might struggle without the rear support being removed. That's simple - just loosen the thumb screw and the support lifts out.

The Expedition trolley has a wider track and is slightly lower than the originals and is very much less inclined to fall over on a side slope or poor surface as a result. The new fold-up support leg is genius and makes loading the trolley much easier. It's worth noting that due to it's extra width in comparison to the standard version, the Expedition can't be used as a boat loader.

Strapping the kayak on is easy. A strap goes round each leg and across the hull to secure the boat to the trolley. There is a pair of line loops on each leg as well, and a strap is taken through these and round the cockpit rim to prevent any tendancy for the boat to slip backwards. The hull support controls any tendancy for the trolley to rotate sideways, as does the additional strap round the cockpit if the surface is very rough. One strap is supplied, but I just use the straps from my J Cradle, which KCS are making again as well. For a short pull on a smooth surface, you can get away with just strapping round the hull.

The legs use a thicker material than the originals, and are canted outwards slightly, which controls the old problem of them sometimes bending in towards the centre line. The hull supports however now use a thinner and more flexible material and conform much better to the hull as a result. They can also be removed if necessary, to make packing the trolley in the boat easier. All fittings are very high quality.

I've still got my original one, which it is now coming on for 15 years old and is still as good as the day I got it. These things are seriously durable. KCS can also provide spares for older models. A tip though - use Coppaslip or grease on all the metal threads, to prevent corrosion.

Another review, by Douglas Wilcox, is here. There are several discussions about trolleys in the sea forum which you'll find linked under the listing Trolleys in the Equipment page of the Almanac.

Mike Buckley, Feb 2016

Trolley part assembled 

Trolley fully assembled