Mike Buckley - November 2015

Attaching a Princeton Tec eco-flare to a BA is a little challenging - the clip isn't sufficiently tight to actually grip anything, but is too wide and inflexible to go into the lash-points on a BA.

You need:

1 length of suitable webbing - this one was once a shoulder strap on a Palm BA.
1 spring loaded cord lock.
1 small bead.
4 mm bungee cord.

Being a bit of a squirrel, all these bits came from various old jackets, rucksacs and BAs. I've never found an on-line source for the beads, except by the hundred, but most towns will have a "bead shop" where you can buy them in small quantities. A search on eBay for "ranger beads" will provide you with 13 on a length of paracord, and they are ideal.

Here's the finished article - sits nicely on the BA strap tube. The bead stops the bungee pulling through the cord-lock - a knot will work too, but isn't as neat. Alternatively, use a double-hole cord-lock. I suppose the cord-lock is overkill, as you could just make a suitably tensioned loop of bungee and slide the light through it. We wanted to be able to remove the light easily, and having the adjustable bungee makes this easier.


The first picture is a bit of shoulder strap. Usefully, it already has the folds I need to create a pocket into which the end of the clip on the light will slide. I cut through the stitching with a scalpel, just enough to allow the flare's clip to slide in to the pocket so created. Then I used Aquasure to (hopefully) seal the cut ends of the stitching at either side of the cut.

Velcro is attached using Aquasure, to create an appropriately sized loop to fit round the shoulder strap tube on the BA. Sewing would probably be better, but this solution seems to be holding so far. Self adhesive velcro doesn't stick to the webbing, hence using adhesive. The hooked side is under the top bit in the right hand picture, where the pull-tab has been sewn - the soft, fuzzy side being on the other end, which is then easier to slide through the strap tube. The end of the webbing has been cut at an angle at each corner to make it easier to pass through the tube.

The holes for the bungee loop are punched with a leather punch and heat sealed with a lighter - or could be made with a hot metal rod. Insert bungee, slider and bead, adjust length as appropriate, cut and seal.

Slide the assembly through the tube on the BA - close with velcro and add the light.

I might ask my local friendly cobbler or leather-worker to sew the velcro on the next version. Thus far, the glue seems fine though.


Another perspective of the light and its mount fitted on the shoulder strap. The idea could be adapted to suit other applications, either with different bungee configurations, or perhaps a bigger pocket to take the clip for a VHF. I guess the possibilities are endless - please share yours with us on the forum.

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