Specific Boats

Angmassalik / Angmagssalik - See this discussion for what are believed to be pics of a f/glass version of it. This discussion looks at thoughts on reviving the design.

Baidarka Explorer - discussion

Dagger Alchemy 09 vs Wilderness Tsunami 140 - discussion

DBX Surf Boats - discussion

Feathercraft Klondike - Helen McKenna's first impression's of a folder.

GBA sea kayaks - discussion relating to GBA boats.

Great River Canoes have some great looking cedar-strip kayaks and canoes.

Island Kayaks - Qaarsut - discussion

Island Kayaks - Expedition - discussion

Kaspian Sea Kayaks - review of the SK18 Expedition and HV17 Touring sea kayaks by Mark Rainsley.

Kester Canoes - Torridon

Klepper - discussion

Mega Neutron (surf boat) - discussion

NDK Greenlander Race - discussion

NDK Romany Explorer - the Explorer is mentioned here (in the discussion on P&H Capella above) and in this discussion

NDK Romany Explorer or Valley Nordkapp? - discussion

Northshore - discussion

Northshore Atlantic RM. This discussion compares the composite and RM versions.

Perception Carolina - discussion here and mentioned in this discussion

Perception Essence - this discussion compares the Essence with the Valley Aquanaut HV RM.

P&H Bahiya - discussion

P&H Baidarka - discussion (with pics) - also here

P&H Capella - discussion with some history.

P&H Capella / Orion / Quest - discussion.

P&H Cetus - discussion with some first impressions / initial reviews. See also this discussion - also referenced in this one. Douglas Wilcox's blog has a detailed review.

P&H Cetus / Scorpio - discussion with comparison.

P&H Delphin 155 - reviewed by Douglas Wilcox. See also this discussion which notes the Aries as well.

P&H Iceflow - discussion - reviewed here

P&H Quest - discussion heremore here, here and here

P&H Siriuis - discussion

Point 65°N - K1RS & K1XP - reviews by Douglas Wilcox and Niall Duncanson.

Point 65°N - XP 18 - discussion - see also this discussion.

Rockhopper 340 - "road test" herehere and here. All with some "action pics".

Rockpool Alaw - review. Click here for Douglas Wilcox's impression of the Alaw Bach and here for the Alaw and Alaw Bach. This discussion also offers a variety of impressions. As does this discussion.

Rockpool GT - from Expedition Kayaks in Australia, an excellent review by Rob Mercer (pdf). This discussion provides an impression of the Rockpool GT.

Rockpool Menai 18 and the Alaw are mentioned in this discussion - see also this discussion for impressions of the Menai 18. This discussion references the Menai 18 and the Tiderace Xplore.

Rockpool Taran - discussion, with pics. See this discusson to compare with the Tiderace 17.

"Shark" kayaks - a budget range that seems to be attracting some attention - discussion

Skim Dex - discussion with a review.

Tahemarine Greenland - discussion here and here.

Tahe Reval - discussion.

Tiderace - various models are reviewed on the Tiderace website.

Tiderace 17 - see this discusson to compare with the Tiderace 17 with the Rockpool Taran.

Tiderace - this discussion references the Menai 18 and the Tiderace Xplore.

Tiderace Excite - this discussion includes a very detailed comparison of the Nordkapp LV and the Tiderace Excite.

Tiderace Xcape X - discussion and review.

Tiderace Xplore, P&H Cetus, Rockpool GT, Xplore X - detailed discussion.

Trylon Sea Hawk - see this discussion for what are believed to be pics of it.

Trylon Sea King - discussion here - also mentioned here in a discussion on the Anas Acuta. A modern version of it is now being made by Trinity Kayaks in Pauillac, France. See also this discussion for some pics and comments.

Valley Anas Acuta - discussions here, and here. This discussion on modifying an Anas is also relevant to the boat's general handling.

Valley Aquanaut - the Aquanaut (and Avocet) are mentioned in this discussion and also here. This discussion compares the HV RM to the Perception Essence.

Valley Etain. Also see this discussion.

Valley Nordkapp - article with a summary of the Nordkapp's history, pictures and various links. These include reviews, relevant forum discussions on the various different models, and external links to lots of other Nordkapp related material. There is also some background to Greenland kayaking.

Valley Qajariaq - discussion.

Valley Selkie - pdf of the 1985 (?) brochure advertising the Selkie. There's a picture of one in this discussion.

Valley Sirona - discussion.

Valley Skerray - see also this discussion regarding a problem with "dead legs" in a RM Skerry.

Valley Weekender - discussion

Venture Jura - discussion.

Wilderness Tsunami 140 vs Dagger Alchemy 09 - discussion.

Wye Kayaks Islander - discussion.