NAME OF RIVER Upper Clydach.

WHERE IS IT: Pontardawe, off the A474.



PUT-INS/ TAKEOUTS: Put-in at housing estate at the top of the hill out of Pontardawe, opposite the shop and walk down the gravel path, take out at the traffic lights at the cross roads in Pontardawe.


TIME: 1 hour.

ACCESS HASSLES: no problems at the moment.

GRADE: Continuous 4.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs to have had heavy rain, should be able to float down without too much difficulty with rocks.

HAZARDS: Grade 6 drop at put in, Weir at the bottom and trees may need portaging.

DESCRIPTION: Small windy urban gorge, continuous grade 4 drops and twists, small eddies and a few portages, nothing really stands out just keep going.

OTHER NOTES: Can be run with one car, doesn't take too much longer, combined with the Cwm Du makes for a good day of stream boating.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Chris Hudson, Swansea University Canoe Club.

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Re: UPPER CLYDACH (Tawe tributary) -- jmmoxon
2014 Jan 02 09:14:54 AM
Well, the weir is still there & there are now more trees across the river, particularly branches just around the first corner below the put in, a tree below the stone foot bridge and more trees around the corner after the main drop (which has definitely now been paddled, it is shallow). It would be a very dangerous paddle in high water.

Re: Upper Clydach -- nokiamutt
2013 Jan 07 08:30:49 PM
Walked this today , the first waterfall drop is now clear as the tree has moved to the side of the drop pool . The weir near the get out has been removed . But most of the slides and rapid areas have river wide trees in or on them , basically there is over a dozen trees / large stumps in he main flow .
Re: UPPER CLYDACH (Tawe tributary) -- jmmoxon
2011 Jul 21 06:15:08 AM
WCA have announced that the box weir is to be removed starting in August 2011:

Watch out for scaffolding/debris in the river.

Re: UPPER CLYDACH (Tawe tributary) -- nokiamutt
2011 Feb 25 08:27:31 PM
Ran the upper Clydach on the 23rd level was dropping as we got on , there are now many trees down and one particularly nasty one after the undercut right , in a heathy flow it will be at a nasty height , inspect before running .
Upper Clydach (Tawe tributary) -- jmmoxon
2011 Feb 07 12:00:09 AM
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