These photos are from two different trips and show what I would guess is a low/ medium level. On both occasions there had been quite a lot of rain a few hours earlier, but the upper stretches of this river seem to be very run-off dependant, so things were a little boney over the first few drops. Still an interesting run with plenty of horizon lines and blind corners requiring inspection.

Kevin Williamson on the small slides by the road at the put-in (lowish level).

The first fall next to the road (lowish level).

Duncan Saunders on the big slide before the first mini-gorge. There's more of it above and below the section shown in the photo (water level slightly higher than in the previous two photos). Photo by Kev Williamson.

Kevin Williamson entering the first mini-gorge (low/ medium level).

Pics and comments from Duncan Saunders.

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