(From near Castel Dryslwyn)

NAME OF RIVER: Tywi (that's Towy to non Welsh speakers).

WHERE IS IT: South west Wales.

PUT INS/TAKE OUTS: Put in and take out at SN 553202 map 186 at the car park below Castel Dryslwyn.

APPROX LENGTH: Depends on how far you want to go (especially as it's a paddle up, glide back trip).


ACCESS HASSLES: We had no problems at all. Even the local farmer came over for a look and didn't say the usual "get orf' me river".

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: None. But you'll soon know if it's too shallow as the paddle will be hard and the bottom bloody close to the canoe.


MAJOR HAZARDS / FALLS: On this section none.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: An absolute brill place to paddle. A castle over looks the river and the car park is 20 metres from the river. A bit of a tricky put in, some what steep and deep and right by a bridge, but once in the rewards start.

Paddle upstream and you find a long oxbow. The current on the outside is very fast and catches you unawares. On the inside it's a bump and scrape. After the long oxbow there is another. Here it is a definite get out and pull. Follow the current back down and enjoy the view. Past the put in point the river bends many times. Easy riding the current, not so easy getting back.

OTHER NOTES: This is a GREAT open canoe stretch of river, especially if you have limited time. 1 - 1+ half hours tops. Easy and FREE car parking and something for the non canoeists to do as well (castle). It's only about 10 mins from the A40 London to Fishguard road and well worth the stop off. Shame its not a bit deeper so it could be a longer paddle.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Jo and Merlin.