NAME OF RIVER: Afon Crawnon Tributary of River Usk,

WHERE IS IT: Llangynidr


PUT-INS/TAKEOUTS: Put on to the Brecon & Monmouthshire Canal at small car park, just up from Llangynidr Bridge on the Usk. Paddle through the bridge and up the canal (Hop up round one lock). Just before the second lock there is a Winding hole (for turning narrow boats around, big sign saying 'winding hole'). Next to the sign on left is a feeder for the canal. Hop out and follow the path along the feeder. You can see river immediately down to your right in gorge. Follow path to end to find small pool after metal safety barriers. Takeout is after the confluence at Llangynidr Bridge on the Usk.

APPROX. LENGTH: 1.5Km + 0.5Km on Usk

TIME: 1 hour.

ACCESS: All rivers are open access!

GRADE: 4 in low & medium flows.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Aqueduct Falls, visible from the road bridge just down from Coach and Horses Car park. You can inspect this fall at the same time as checking the grade.
If the rocks in the falls are all just about covered it is low.
All rocks covered Medium.
Brown and chunky High!

HAZARDS: Cave drop, just below the entrance rapid has a sneaky little cave/undercut on the river left, water can be quite powerful in high water. Aqueduct falls had some debris including boulders with steel bars through them. These all seem now to be on the river left bank/eddy at the foot of the falls. The obvious just left of central channel have always been clear. Trees, although these can normally be spotted and moved on the walk in.

DESCRIPTION: Nice little Welsh river set in a lightly wooded gorge. Has the bonus that you can check everything as you walk up and bank support can be set up at all  drops if needed.
Get on & warm up with a few quick ferrys across pool above the weir marking the entrance rapid.
A couple of little drops get you working your boofs before the main falls which come halfway down the section. After the main falls a few gentle rapids lead down to the Aqueduct.
One small drop below the Aqueduct itself sends you under the road bridge and over aqueduct falls.
The river then eases off down to the Usk.
Join the Usk and paddle down to Llangynidr Bridge.
Cross bridge and follow road straight up to car park.

OTHER NOTES: You only need one car, or can paddle it whilst the shuttle is sorted after paddling from Talybont to Llangynidr on the Usk!
There is a main car park with toilets, up the road and left at junction from canal car park.
The Coach & Horses pub/restaurant in Llangynidr.