Photos above show the first and second drop, from Chris Headleand.

Its a bit of a dodgy photo as it is taken from a video but there is no photos of main lining it on the first drop. I found it always goes in low water - Patrick Clissold

Marc on the lead-in, low water.

The lead-in to Pont Cyfyng, above the bridge. Paddler Dino Heald.

Dan on the first waterfall.

Mid hammer, view from other side.

...and preparing for a painful landing!

The first waterfall. Paddler Paul takes an alternative line.

Simon on the second fall. All above photos show very low water (rest of river probably unpaddleable) by Ian Newberry.

Mark R bottling out in low water conditions. Fall shown is the second of the three major drops.

Dan portaging the third drop.

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