(Pont y Cromlech to Gwastadnant)

NAME OF RIVER: Nant Peris.

WHERE IS IT?:Draining right from Pen y Pass near Snowdon in Snowdonia, it follows the Pen y Pass road.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Get on after Pont y Cromlech bridge above Cromlech Boulders (Ask any miserable looking climbers in the 'Heights' at Llanberis). See below for the getout in Gwastadnant village.



ACCESS HASSLES: No problems known.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Lots of intense rain is required, not the usual steady week that gets the others going. A summer's thunderstorm is the best bet. I've only boated it in the summer, and this appears the norm.

The water level is rather crucial for this little stream. Usually its dry, but if everythings awash it's worth a look. If the Nantygwyryd is running there's hope. Too little water and you'll pin and break things. If you might have difficulty getting under any of the bridges then get in the mood for some hair if you run the top 200m.

GRADING: 5 or harder.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Steeeep. It is rather steep, in fact very steep for the first 200m. It so rarely has water that all the rocks haven't been eroded significantly, and will therefore cause you great discomfort if you come into contact with them.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Now the river. It's quite inspiring to paddle, cos unlike the murky brown mess that is Welsh boating, the Peris runs irridescent blue. The first 200m can get a little hairy, but basically follows a left hand bend through a jumble of nasty sharp chokestones. Swimming is bad, although has been survived, with knee injury. Pinning can also be expected.

The next km or so is beautiful continuous water, and will be a breeze after what's been before.

Once the trees close in and drystone walls line the river be careful, as a wire needs to be portaged. Get out shortly after, river right, where a path leads from the car park in the village before the lake.

Picture of the Nant Peris

OTHER NOTES: Try not to capsize and keep the nose up and you'll be just swell. No access problems, and the road's just on the right, so a shuttle to Ysbyt Gwynedd is not problematic. Consider yourselves lucky with a descent, it's rare. Enjoy.

Antony Mckay This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (March '02)...'I can confirm that a swim on the Nant Peris is uncomfortable to say the least, having been stuffed in a stopper at the end of the steep section. It was a memorable trip and one that I can recommend, should you be lucky enough to find any water in it.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Gingerboy, also Anntony Mckay.