NAME OF RIVER: River Gamlan.

WHERE IS IT?: North Wales. Leads into the Mawddach just below Public Toilet Falls.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Walk up from the bridge at Public Toilet Falls - several get ins and out, depending which bits/ falls you want to run, so check it out and decide yourself.

APPROX LENGTH: 1 - 2 km.

TIME NEEDED: Less than an hour with no faff - but probably 2 with safety etc.

ACCESS HASSLES: No known problems. National Trust own the land.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: This will still just about run for spud bashers when the Mawddach is looking too rocky. Easily looked at from a path along river left bank.

GRADING: 4/ 5 - several falls which will depend a lot on water level.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Oh yes...all can be easily scouted from the bank.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The top section is usually unrunnable, but in spate maybe possible. There's a severe fall which rumour has it Shuan Baker and gang have run. The river narrows and goes over another fall, runnable at low levels. Simple - a bit like a slide really - as long as you avoid the right where you may land on rocks. Then follows a series of small technical drops, most are easily portaged and all can be seen from the bank.

Photos of the Gamlan


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