(Artist's Valley to Furnace)


WHERE IS IT?: Aberystwyth / Machynlleth. Map: Aberystwyth Surrounding area no.135.


PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: South of Machynlleth in the village of Furnace. Head up the small road marked Artist's Valley. After about 1.5 miles the road meets the river again put on here. Take out in Furnace.


TIME NEEDED: Depends on water level, give at least 2 hours lots of inspecting.

ACCESS HASSLES: No access agreement but it is farmers land, dont scare the sheep.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: If you want to do just the falls you don't want it in flood. If the water is brown, it's going to be hard. Check the falls as you over the bridge in Furnace.

GRADING: 5 - 5+

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Most of it, but there are two classic falls upstream and the falls at the mill in Furnace. Trees are a major problem as it goes through a wood.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Grade lV rapids lead to what Chris Sladden describes as 'the finest big class V+ hits in Wales'. Both go in lowish to medium water (see photos), however in high water would be crazy. After this is easier grade 4 - 5 rapids depending on water level. Chris Sladden also warns of another 'two huge class V+ rapids' however we couldn't find them, but maybe in higher levels there are. You pass under a pipe and take out above the falls at Furnace river right. The story is they have been run but when the river was so high you couldn't paddle under the road bridge!

Pictures of the Einion


CONTRIBUTED BY: Patrick Clissold.



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Re: RIVER EINION -- biketastik
2010 May 18 07:33:45 PM
weve pulled it out of the drop now but nt sure wt to do with it, its jammed in a hole at the top of the drop, probably try an chop it up tbh

but ye its out of the pool anyway
Re: RIVER EINION -- ijd201
2009 May 02 07:44:33 PM
There is currently a massive tree blocking the first major drop, making it unrunable unless you are keen for a risky grind...

Anyone keen to get together to try and clear it?
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