(Bont Newydd to the Disused railway bridge)

NAME OF RIVER: Afon Cynfal.

WHERE IS IT?: SH 713409 near Ffestiniog. Map

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Turn off down a minor road at the road bridge on the A470 at Bont Newydd, South East of Llan Ffestiniog. There is a double drop directly below the bridge if your keen. There is a lay by next to the river where you can access the river. Take out before the disused railway bridge before the sump! The shuttle is on foot via the footpath river left.

There is a huge oak tree at the get on as of 2012, doesn't look like its going to be moving any time soon.

APPROX LENGTH: 500 meters

TIME NEEDED: 20 mins

ACCESS HASSLES: A local that seemed to be based very near the get on told us not to paddle here, fortunately we were in a position not to leave any vehicles there and decided to paddle anyway.

Others have not had any problems.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Stays up for a good few days after rain. Becomes a toilet flush with water in it. Fun fun.

GRADING: Pool drop 4.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Trees! and a sump

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: When this section had no trees in it, it was fantastic to lap. It was drop after drop which led into an awesome double drop 2/3 of the way down (go left of the central rock) just before a narrow channel to ledge boof.

This river would be great for kayaking and canyoning alike. 2 larger falls near the end provide much entertainment, one has a tree in that is easily avoided.

The double drop in the photos below can be lapped by putting in just above the drop.


The lower section can be found here. There is a large section of around 2km between these two points in which a guide would be closer to a gorge walking/climbing guide. There is lots to explore but I wouldn't reccommend doing it in a boat!


Dave Janes on the double drop. (Photo by Ieuan Belshaw).

Ieuan Belshaw on the double drop. (Photo by Dave Janes).

CONTRIBUTED BY: Laurence Brown, also Ieuan Belshaw