(Main Falls to treeline)

NAME OF RIVER: Cwm Llan - middle section, Main Falls to Treeline.

WHERE IS IT?: Half way up Snowdon! Falls from the south side of Snowdon. Map.

From the A498 Capel Curig to Bedgelert road, take a track and park up in a small layby, about GR626510. Opposite is a major footpath heading onto Snowdon, Head up this and the river is obvious.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in at the foot of the monstrous falls and get out above the tree line. You will want to scout the whole run, which is easily done on the way up.

APPROX LENGTH: 3 - 400 metres.

TIME NEEDED: To do a run, about 5 mins. Ideally set aside a morning, as you will have to scout, and walk about up the hill!!


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Bonkers high is best. When you get to the section above and it all looks a bit exciting, this section is good. Lots of standing water on the roads is a good sign.

GRADING: Four, but very small eddies.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: A complex slide ends the run, nastyness drops onto rocks in the trees.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A non stop roller coaster section round and over boulders with small eddies and some cracking little moves to make brings you to the top of the slide, marked by a flat area on the R. right, and several larger trees on the R Left.

From here the water drops round and through a slot, and forms a great complex slide, be aware of a shallow landing on the right at the bottom.

A sticky ledge follows, then grab an eddy, as from here it gets ugly into the trees, dropping on to rock piles.

Pictures of the Cwm Llan

OTHER NOTES: If you didn't know, there is a classic section of waterfalls and slides above this when it is too low.

There may well be a good section below the first fall in the trees, we must get round to having a proper look!