WHERE IS IT?: A4085 in between the Aberglaslyn Gorge and Penrhyndeudraeth, starting 2km up a side road in the village of Croesor.


Access – Car park in Croesor at 52.982090, -4.040351

Egress – A4085 the lay by is 52.967748, -4.063568 *Important* Get out near the house as the bridge is blocked by a strainer.

APPROX LENGTH: A very long 2km

TIME NEEDED: 2 or 3 hours minimum. We took nearly 4 hours first time and we tried to rush it.


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: When the Glaslyn gorge gauge is around 0.8-1 then it’s usually on. You can tell if its flowing at the get out as well.

GRADING: 4 to 5 water depending.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Trees and strainers were a big big problem last time. May have changed since. There’s several falls and slides, one big one that drops of the face of the earth.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is what I found at the time, trees may have changed since (Summer 2012). Hop on the river that flows next to the car park and right from the beginning, the trees start appearing. There’s few eddies so it’s a case of clinging onto the side and getting out to portage. Keep going for 500m and from there onwards there are lots and lots of fun drops and slides. And trees. This continues for another kilometre before you reach the biggest drop/slide on there of around 30+ foot. Get out regularly and scout ahead to save yourself going in blind. Portage on the left is best. Soon after is a tight drop which can be easily seen, straight after is a big tree above a long narrow slot which is usually portaged on the right along the footpath. You’re nearly finish! One more tree portage, a series of fun slides and into a big pool. Best get out near here as there is wood under the bridge and will cause a serious problem if you go under it. Hope you enjoy the adventure! The best way about this could be to walk up from the bottom up to the main drop if you want to save the hassle of trees.

OTHER NOTES: Despite the trees, this is a worthwhile adventure and I know some people consider it a favourite.

Peter Murphy on one of the many drops near the top. 

Ieuan Peace on the drop immediately above the 30 foot drop/slide.

Ieuan Belshaw on the top half of the 30 foot drop/slide.

Ieuan Peace on the tight drop just after the main 30 foot slide/drop. Getting dark.