(Ysbyty Ifan to Rhydlanfair Bridge)


WHERE IS IT?: In Snowdonia, North Wales, it's the river which follows the A5 as you approach Betws y Coed from the Corwen/ Llangollen direction.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Many. There is a harder upper section which I haven't paddled, but this section begins in the village of Ysbyty Ifan which is up a turnoff from the A5. Take out on river left just before Rhydlanfair Bridge. The section directly below is harder and leads without much warning over Conwy Falls. Plenty of people have wound up clinging to rocks in mid-current above it...


TIME NEEDED: 2 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: Full access details are at

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: I've done this after heavy rain when it's a blast. It is paddleable for a few days after rain due to spongy moor in the headwaters...or so they told me at Plas Menai outdoor centre all of 12 years ago.

Andy Wilson notes...'There is a new gauge on the river at the A5 road bridge put in which is much more visible than the old one (3 = low water,4 = medium, 5+ = getting better).'

GRADING: Grade 3 with one 4 in high water.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The upper section of this river from the village before reaching the A5 offers enjoyable and continuous Grade 2-3 rapids, with one twisty rocky constriction cranking the grade up to 3+ for a short distance.

Reaching the A5, the river begins a fairly open 'gorge' section, with many grade 3 rapids to enjoy. When we paddled this in big spate, it was superb continuous grade 3 with some playholes to muck around in.

After you pass under a stone road bridge, you see a large house on the right and this means it's time to look out for Bryn Bras Falls. This long and complicated rapid (grade 3+) finally takes the paddler down a long chute on river right. I have been rescued from a pin across this by a well-known North Wales coach...I still enjoyed the 'intro to WW' course though, and kept with the sport! The rapid forms big waves and stoppers in spate, Grade 4.

Not long after is the takeout bridge. Make sure you recognise this, as the section directly below is much more serious.

Pictures of the Conwy


CONTRIBUTED BY: Mark Rainsley, Adrian Walker, Ros W and Andy Wilson.



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Re: RIVER CONWY (Ysbyty Ifan to Rhydlanfair Bridge) -- Conrad Dowding
2014 Jan 05 10:40:45 PM
There is currently a tree in the bottom of Bryn Bras falls, in the final chute. At the level we did it (3 on the A5 gauge) you could avoid it by going down a twisty rocky line left of the main chute. Worth inspecting especially if you've got a weak group.Conrad
Re: RIVER CONWY (Ysbyty Ifan to Rhydlanfair Bridge) -- TechnoEngineer
2011 Oct 30 11:17:11 PM
Also see tree warning here:

I would also advise paddlers to use discretion when getting changed in the car park - as well as being aware of the presence of a path down to the river behind the wall, immediately downstream of the bridge (on river right).
Re: RIVER CONWY (Ysbyty Ifan to Rhydlanfair Bridge) -- Laurence Mezo
2011 Feb 06 07:33:04 PM
Whilst we were getting out, had a bit of hassle off a landower yesterday, saying we were not allowed to get out river left just before the bridge. We then asked him if it was ok to get out on river right. He then replied, thats fine. I suggest people just get out river right before the bridge just to save hassle off him.
Re: RIVER CONWY (Ysbyty Ifan to Rhydlanfair Bridge) -- siwiles
2010 Oct 02 07:22:25 AM

Useful phone gauge correllation from previous post.... I always have to search for it, so have re-posted it here...
Re: RIVER CONWY (Ysbyty Ifan to Rhydlanfair Bridge) -- mozz_uk
2010 Feb 16 09:34:15 PM
A Red Dagger Juice was lost today (16/02/10) on the Conwy in north Wales.

The boat is well and truly pinned about 1m under the flow on the final drop of Bryn Brass falls.

Hopefully it will come free at some point over the next week or so, so please keep a look out for it.

If you have any information, either reply on here, or call me on 07758 224160, or contact Deb Cook in North Wales.

And if anyone was wondering, the swimmer was fine, albeit a bit cold!


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