(The Somerset Frome and Dorset Stour and westwards)

Regional Editor: Mark Rainsley


BRISTOL AVON (Saltford Weir) - OKish playspot.

RIVER DART (Newbridge playwave) - great easily accessible spot in high water.

HAYLE SLUICE - tidal playspot in Cornwall.

RIVER STOUR (Blandford to Spetisbury) - including Dorset's premiere playspot.


RIVER AVON (Malmesbury to Great Somerford) - there is all the touring you'll ever need on this river!

RIVER AVON (Great Somerford to Christian Malford)

RIVER AVON (Christian Malford to Chippenham)

RIVER AVON (Chippenham to Melksham)

RIVER AVON (Melksham to Bradford on Avon)

RIVER AVON (Bradford on Avon to Bath)

RIVER AVON (Bath to Bristol)

RIVER AVON (Tidal Stretches) - near Bantham.

RIVER BARLE (above Simonsbath) - the headwaters of the Barle.

RIVER BARLE (Simonsbath to Withypool) - easy whitewater on bleak moorland.

RIVER BARLE (Withypool to Tarr Steps) - the best whitewater the Barle offers.

RIVER BARLE (Tarr Steps to Exe Confluence) - a good WW beginners trip on Exmoor.

RIVER BISS (Trowbridge to Bradford on Avon) - a small tributary of the Somerset Avon.

RIVER BRAY (Leeham Ford Bridge to Newtown Bridge) - continuous grade 2 on the fringes of Exmoor.

RIVER CAMEL (Tuckingmill to Penrose) - an enjoyable grade 2 paddle.

RIVER CAMEL (Penrose to Wenfordbridge) - a messy trip in Cornwall.

DANE'S BROOK (Hawkridge Plain to Barle Confluence) - small Exmoor stream.

RIVER DART (Holne Bridge to Buckfastleigh)

RIVER DART (Buckfastleigh to Staverton) - easy touring.

RIVER DART (Staverton to Totnes) - the last non-tidal section.

RIVER EXE (Silly Bridge to Bridgetown) - continuous easy rapids.

RIVER EXE (Bridgetown to Bolham weir) - needs a bit of rain...

RIVER EXE (Bolham weir to Bickleigh) - the most popular section.

RIVER EXE (Bickleigh to Exeter) - some spectacular weirs, causing carnage on the Exe Descent!

RIVER EXE (Exeter to the Estuary) - a less paddled but interesting section.

RIVER FAL - tidal touring in Cornwall.

RIVER FOWEY (Two Waters Foot to Bodmin Parkway Station) - good playing for Cornwall.

RIVER FOWEY - tidal touring in Cornwall.

RIVER FROME - a marvellous and entertaining introduction to whitewater.

RIVER FROME - a flat winding tour through Dorset.

RIVER FROME - a miniature bobsleigh through Bristol.

HOCCOMBE WATER (Source to Badgworthy Water) - An Exmoor ditch.

RIVER LYNHER - a small Cornish river.

RIVER MARDEN (Calne to Stanley)

RIVER MARDEN (Stanley to River Avon Confluence) - a titchy twisty Bristol Avon tributary.

RIVER MELLS - spate Somerset ditch.

RIVER MEAVY (Meavy ford to Goodameavy) - easy but dangerous Dartmoor river.

MOOR BROOK - Tiny tributary of the East Okement.

PERCUIL RIVER - Cornish tidal creek.

RIVER PIDDLE (Cecily Bridge to Cuckoo Pound) - obstacle-strewn touring in Dorset.

RIVER PIDDLE (Cuckoo Pound to Wareham) - a lovely quiet river with mini-weirs.

RIVER PLYM (Bickleigh Bridge to Plym Bridge) - attractive valley approaching Plymouth.

SEMINGTON BROOK - tributary of the Somerset Avon.

RIVER STOUR (Sturminster Newton to Blandford) - route of the popular Stour Descent.

RIVER STOUR (Blandford to Spetisbury) - including Dorset's premiere playspot.

RIVER STOUR (Spetisbury to Canford) - taking in the splendid Coventry Arms.

RIVER STOUR (Canford School to Christchurch Quay) - the back route into Bournemouth.

RIVER TAMAR (Greystone Quarry to Horsebridge) - flowing along the Devon/ Cornwall border.

RIVER TAMAR (Horsebridge to Gunnislake)

RIVER TAVY (Tavistock Canal) - a very unusual canal, included because it flows and it's, well, interesting...

RIVER TORRIDGE - gorgeous touring in North Devon.

RIVER WARLEGGAN - tiny Cornish stream.

RIVER YEALM (Mark's Bridge to Yealmpton) - easy whitewater with dodgy weirs.



RIVER AVON (South Brent to Gara Bridge) - easier section with weirs.

RIVER AVON (Shipley Bridge to South Brent) - an excellent steep river, in the same vein as the Erme.

BADGWORTHY WATER (Hoccombe Water to Malmsmead) - Beautiful valley at the source of the East Lyn.

BLACK BROOK (Princetown to West Dart Confluence) - a spate tributary of the West Dart.

RIVER BOVEY (Clapper Bridge to Lustleigh) - a tree choked Dartmoor river.

RIVER CAMEL (Trecarne to Tuckingmill) - a Cornish grade 3 gem.

RIVER DART (Dartmeet to Newbridge) - the best Grade 4 trip in the UK?

RIVER DART (Newbridge to Holne Bridge) - an always enjoyable intermediate trip.

RIVER EAST DART (Postbridge to Dartmeet) - a popular spate run.

RIVER EAST LYN (Malmsmead to Brendon) - a high water extension to the classic East Lyn sections.

RIVER EAST LYN (Brendon to Watersmeet) - a lovely trip, one of the best.

RIVER EAST OKEMENT (Upper section to Okehampton) - a really adventurous trip on North Dartmoor.

RIVER ERME (Upper section to Harford Bridge) - a great spate paddle with epic walk-in.

RIVER ERME (Harford Bridge to Ivybridge) - a Dartmoor gem!

RIVER FOWEY (Golitha Falls car park to Treverbyn Mill) - Cornwall's grade 4 trip.

HORNER WATER (Upper Section to West Luccombe) - an unusual steep river.

RIVER LYD (Upper section to Lydford) - a spate paddle of wildly varying quality.

RIVER MEAVY - a Plym tributary for those rare occasions when you have too much water...

RIVER OKEMENT (Okehampton to Brightley) - surprisingly committing.

OARE WATER - tributary of the East Lyn River.

RIVER PLYM (GR 583662 to Cadover Bridge) - wild exploring in spate conditions.

RIVER PLYM (Shaugh Bridge to Bickleigh Bridge) - a mellower part of this river!

RIVER SWINCOMBE - a tiny spate tributary of the West Dart.

RIVER TAVY (Tavy Cleave to Hill Bridge) - A tree dodging exploratory trip.

RIVER TAVY (Hill Bridge to Tavistock) - One of the best continuous Grade 3 paddles.

RIVER TAVY (Tavistock to Denham Bridge) - a quieter version of the Dart loop?

RIVER TAW - a dire tree ditch.

RIVER TEIGN (North and South Teign Confluence to A382 Bridge) - a good section of grade 3.

RIVER TEIGN (A382 Bridge to Steps Bridge) - a great easy exploring trip in North Dartmoor.

RIVER WALKHAM (Huckworthy to Bedford Bridge) - a mostly easy section warming you up for the lower Walkham.

RIVER WALKHAM (Bedford Bridge to Tavy Confluence) - a good continuous grade 2-3 trip in SW Dartmoor.

RIVER WEBBURN (Ponsworthy to Dart confluence) - only for tree-huggers.

RIVER WEST DART (Two Bridges to Dartmeet) - a popular spate run.

RIVER WEST LYN (Barbrook to Lynbridge) - a short section near Lynmouth.

RIVER WEST OKEMENT (Meldon Reservoir to Okehampton) - a good intermediate paddle.

RIVER YEALM (Upper section to Mark's bridge) - great grade 3 bobsleigh run.


DE LANK RIVER (Delford Bridge to River Camel confluence) - grade 5, in Cornwall? There must be a catch...

RIVER EAST LYN (Watersmeet to the Sea) - a short demanding Exmoor paddle.

HOAROAK WATER (Hillsford Bridge to Watersmeet) - a steep tributary of the East Lyn.

RIVER NORTH TEIGN (Upper section to Footbridge) - tree ditch purgatory.

RIVER NORTH TEIGN (Footbridge to North and South Teign Confluence) - Good steep creeking.

RIVER PLYM (Cadover Bridge to Shaugh Bridge) - steep, steep and steep again.

RIVER WALKHAM (Merrivale Bridge to Huckworthy Bridge) - similar to the Plym.