(Polldubh Falls to Fort William)


WHERE IS IT?: In Glen Nevis.Yep, as in Ben Nevis. head up the valley from Fort William, keep on going until you see the lower Falls under a's an unmissable 20 foot waterfall. You may wish to paddle these, and the whole Upper Nevis; see the guide.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in above or below the lower Falls where a bridge crosses the river. Another alternative is to start upstream on the Upper Nevis. Take out after the grade 4 fall beside the road or at Nevis Bridge in Fort William.

'Chucky' suggests...'Another interesting start to the lower Nevis (for the group leaders etc) is to get onto the tiny stream river left of lower falls. Get in through a gate on the upstream side. Great fun to add to a quieter trip. This is by far the smallest stream I've paddled on. The rest of the group can get on further down over a field on river left. Watch out for a tree half way down this little bit.'


TIME NEEDED: 1- 2 hours.


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs rain, but is often paddleable when the Upper Nevis is too low.

GRADING: Grade 1 and 2 with one 4.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: There are some Grade 3 ledges directly below the lower Falls. After this, it is basically grade 2 all the way down, with glorious scenery to take in. This section looks good for beginners and open canadians. On the outskirts of Fort William towards the end, you reach a grade 4 fall where the river narrows over small drops beside the road. Portage on river left if necessary. Tale out here or at Nevis Bridge in town.

OTHER NOTES: Worth doing just for the scenery?

CONTRIBUTED BY: Mark Rainsley, 'Chucky' and Chris Oxley.



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Re: River Nevis - Polldubh Falls to Fort William -- Jet moore
2019 Jan 11 07:40:28 PM
A great run in the open canoe over the new year period Jan 7 2019.

From below the upper falls portaging the lower falls an

In to Fort William.

A great medium level allowing a clear run down the river.

The trip only took about 2 hours. As I was solo I also had to cycle back to the start for the shuttle which did not

Take long.

Worth the trip for the views

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