(Dalness Falls)


WHERE IS IT?: Glen Etive, off the A82 follow the signs to Glen Etive.

Dalness falls are some way down the glen from the classic Middle Etive and are not clearly visible from the the road. You will know you have found the right part when you see the barbed wire and No Canoeing signs

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in below Dalness falls across a field where the river passes nearby the road. It is possible to paddle all of the way down to Loch Etive, although this involves a lengthy paddle out. Alternatively you can park the car further up-river and hike across land.

APPROX LENGTH: 400 metres.

TIME NEEDED: 30 mins by the time you check it out.

ACCESS HASSLES: There are no canoeing signs and deer fences to negotiate. Proceed discreetly.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Probably best tackled when the middle Etivesection is at a medium level.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Fairly continuous falls, you cant miss the roar from the 7-8 metre fall!

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The entire section can be viewed prior to running, well worth doing!

The section starts with a straight forward fall of two metres with a choice of a left or right route.

The next horizon line leads to nasty narrow slot which is followed by a trickly drop into a small pool, getting caught on the wrong side of the main flow is a possibility here.

A short section round a right hand corner leads to the main event, the 7-8 metre Dalness fall.

This fall is often referred to as the Pot Hole and has an enclosed feel to it. The fall is complicated by a small drop about one boat length from the lip of the fall in addition to a shallow ledge on the left and an undercut wall on the right. Due to the enclosed nature of the fall, effective bank support is not possible, don't mess it up!

Egress below the foot bridge which crosses the gorge.

Pictures of Dalness Falls

OTHER NOTES: The river below here is much easier.