Ashlee Dack doing the middle line on Easan Dubha, 3.5 on the gauge. Photo from Dave Bradshaw.

Pics above from Paul Lyons - Nov 2004.

Easan Dubha on the Orchy (1.5 on the gauge), mid-August. Paddler, Tony Wallace. Photo, John Heaton.

Photo from David Porter.

Taking the river right route.

...and with an aircraft carrier. Pictures show high water, from York Uni,

Chas Couchman accidentally heading for the worst possible line on Easan Dubha, in high water. Don't try this at home, children...

Karen McGraw running the fall in low water. A better route for both the above paddlers would be over the centre slabs...the stopper on this chute is amazingly grabby, particularly in low water as it has a submerged ledge below. Photo by Ron Cameron.

Easan Dubha at 2.5 on the gauge, paddler Bob Evans.

Same day, same place, paddler Ian Dallaway.

Frazer Pearce, similar water level. Photo from Tom Trent.

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