Mark Rainsley in highish water, picture from Ben Williams.

Mark Rainsley in low water, photos from Neil Farmer.

Paul Kelly doing Eas a'Chataidh, 3.5 on the gauge.

Eas a' Chathaidh on the Orchy (1.5 on the gauge), mid-August. Paddler John Heaton. Photo, Clare O'Hara.

Simon Wiles on the river left channel of Eas a' Chathaidh, in high water.

Si Wiles, the fall in medium water.

Si Wiles, another time, medium water...this gives a view of the river right option.

The whole fall in very high water, when water begins to flow over the centre island.

Karen McGraw on the cushion at the bottom of the fall, lowish water levels. Photo Ron Cameron.

The following sequence shows Ron Cameron running the fall. He comments that Cyphurs tend to sub out and that he ran it a bit far right...but it looks fine from here! Photos by John O Kane.

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