From Neil Farmer (June 2005) - 'The new Kinglas Dam (Rest and be Thankful, Argyll) and the rapid with the wooden plank of wood - high water (don't run under the plank at this level, seal launch off the rock instead!).

Following pictures show high water in March 2004, from Neil Farmer...

Paul Steel near the start. The 'boulder slot' with the woodenplank footbridge over it. Water was up to the wooden plank.

Paul Steel on the hardest rapid.

Both photos show Mark Lyon on the gorge section.

Paul Steel and then Neil Farmer below the tunnel.

The following two shots show the hardest rapid in lower water...

Neil Farmer.

Nigel's day going badly...

Following photos courtesy of Jim Wallis, and stolen from Glasgow Kayak Club's website.

Robin had waited years to paddle the Kinglas (such is it's fickle nature), so when we spotted that it was runnable on our way to Macrahanish we soon changed our plans!

The slab on river left at the bottom of this rapid seems to be slightly magnetic. Robin was fortunate enough to be turned around by it, on another trip I watched Andy (Ex Glasgow Uni) get pinned upside down on it - luckily his body was over the slab and his head out of the water on the downstream side!

Nigel hired the Redline from Cotswold for the weekend on the pretence of taking it surfing. Here he is near the start of 5 miles of rocky Scottish Grade 4! Normally a White Water Racer, Nigel adapted quickly to his new environment! By the way, is Nigel actually a GKC member??

Neil isn't in the club anymore but was our guide for the day. It somehow seemed right to include this unusual picture of him with a smile on his face!

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