The most photographed rapid in the UK?

Jamie Conn on the third drop of Triple Step in high water. A mistake here will be severely punished! Photo by Ben McKeown.

"A very silly idea in action" - Callum Strong running the first two of Triple Step at high flows. Photo by Ben McKeown.

"I thought somehow I might magically fly over the 3m towback. I was quite wrong, despite a pretty sweet line I still got my arse handed to me on a plate..." - Callum Strong, photo by Ben McKeown.

Very low water, from Vicky Burke

David Lloyd...'I know it's the most photographed rapid in the universe but here's a couple of pics of triple drop on the Etive at mega low level. Still perfectly shootable and good for sussing your falling off techniques at this level. Quite interesting to see it at this level and worth remembering you can almost always have some fun here when nothing else around is flowing.'

Paul Caine in high water.

The three pics above show Triple Steps frozen up - not for softies! Pics by Esther Platts.

Third drop, from Bob Smith.

Freewheel from Ali on the second drop.

Picture from Alexander Briant. Very low.

Mark R on the first of the Triple Falls, low water.

Rob Godfrey, medium water level...when the whole ledge is covered like this, the stoppers on the Etive begin to have some 'ompff'.

Chris Pottinger and Chas Couchman on the first two of the Triple drops.

Angus on the Second of the Triple Dave Bradshaw.

Pitiful attempt at a 'hammer' from Mark Rainsley.

Pete on the Third of the Triple Dave Bradshaw.

Photo from The Poly

Ron Cameron on the last of the Triple Drops. Photo by A. Burton.

Third drop of the Triple from Chris Oxley, go see his website at

Sophie on the third of the Triple Falls from Chris Oxley,

Sheryl Francis on the third fall.

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