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Rory Woods runs Right Angle at high flows. Photo by Ben McKeown.

A frequent pinning spot, the dog leg has sometimes had boats stuck in it for a couple of days! Kerry McCoubrie stuck in the corner, photo by Angie Lemkes.

Picture from Simon Rough

Gav Broadbent runs the fall in high water.

Photos by Paul Steel, Paddler Dan Heyworth, River Level: Low, Move Freewheel :-)

From Bob Smith

Photo from Alison Boag-Munroe

Picture from Alexander Briant.

The following sequence of three shots from Matt Deaves shows an accident on Right Angle Falls...

The ill-fated line on the dogleg above the drop that hindered the oft-used breakout above the fall.

Wiggy hitting the lip of the 'Big One' on the middle Etive, just before he broke his back.

Wiggy in the act of breaking his back (compression fracture in thoracic co-lumber region)...OUCH!!!!

Bill Thompson takes the big drop, Easter 1999.

Angus squeezing around the dog-leg Dave Bradshaw.

As above, Paddler Max Twomey, Photo by Paul Shafield.

Sheryl Francis in the dogleg...

...and descending the main fall.

Right Angle Falls, Simon Wiles dropping into the twilight zone...

Mags Duncan landing with a splash, photo by Ron Cameron. Note the fellow armed with paddle above to prevent her from changing her mind...

...and the same from Dave Bradshaw. All above photos show very low levels.

Heading for the green room in medium/ high water...Simon Wiles. When the ledge on the brink of the fall is just covered as seen here, perhaps you have the optimum level?

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