Unknown paddler on the Forever wave, April 2016. Photo by Kirsten Rendle.


Jon Harwell on the Forever wave, April 2016. Photo by Kirsten Rendle.


Above pics show Ben Hughes, Neil Robinson and Phil Mark in 2005 - it would seem that the wave is coming back to life after a bad patch!

First two photos from Paul Mayfield - the way the falls used to be...

The first three photos were taken by Andrew Fagan and the paddler is Richard Waterworth. The first two photos are the main wave and the last is the forever wave. Photos show 2003 - after the wave has changed.

Following photos show Falls of Lora before they changed...

Jim Wallis in a borrowed Gliss.

Jim Wallis Gliding the wave.

Mark Watson in his X.

Necky Pyro piloted by Greg Nicks on the Forever Friendly Wave.

These photos by Andy Field, predating the changes to the wave in the late 90's.

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