Above five pics show James Fleming and Rodger Hamlet.

Edd Moss...Paddled this in cold conditions in mid November 05 well worth the walk in, stunning setting and hilarious paddling. It was a bum scrape all the way down and could have done with a wodge more water but cant complain too much. You get some good air on the bottom drop. See the attached pic. We took a boat for each of the 5 people who paddled. In future, Id only carry in a maximum of 1 boat for every 2 people. The pictures are a priority on this and youre never going to get all on the water at once. It just means a little faffing getting across the Etive but that shouldnt take too long.

Above pics from John Heaton. Paddlers Cat Purdy, Lee Musson me!

Danny Noblett at the end of the waterslide, brink of the drop...

...Dan Heyworth on the drop. Pictures from video capture.

Kinsley Ash on the last drop.

Tim Rex on the lip of the fall.

The two above pictures form a 'montage' and show the last drop on the Allt Mheuran. Photos from Andy Sime.

Going down...the optimum water level for the Allt Mheuran, last fall. Photo shows Richard Sharpe, from Kris Waring.

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