WHERE IS IT?: Kinlochleven, beside the main road bridge

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: The playspot is at the bottom of the rapid below the road bridge (NN 18724 61940) in Kinlochleven. There is plenty of parking at the Ice Factor and they have a nice cafe if you need a cup of tea! Getting in and out is easy along the river right bank above and below the bridge.


TIME NEEDED: As long as you want

ACCESS HASSLES: None known of

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: The hydro outflow just above the road bridge needs to be running - this is fairly obvious! It will run even on dry days when there is no water elsewhere.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: It’s a bit shallow?

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: You can warm up playing around in the outflow from the power station if you get in above the bridge. This is a nice place to teach eddying on a warm summer day. Below the bridge is the main rapid, with multiple lines for people to run over and over if you are coaching. The wave is right at the bottom and is good for learning side surfing in a more challenging environment. Flat spins are the best trick here as it is quite shallow - watch your face and elbows! There is a big pool below that feeds back up into the eddy to pick up pieces should you need to, or encourage people learning to roll on the river.


CONTRIBUTED BY: Kirsten Rendle

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Pictures by Kirsten Rendle:

The ladies at the Scottish Women's Paddle Symposium doing a warm up in the power station outflow.


The main rapid below the bridge.


Bridget Thomas showing us how it's done.


Jules Millar, perfecting her surfing.