NAME OF RIVER: Douglas Water.

WHERE IS IT?: Scotland, Loch Lomond.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Glen Douglas is signed off the A82, follow the sign. After a few hundred yards the road turns and starts climbing. Park at the bridge before the road climbs. Walk a few hundred yards upstream on river left to the Falls of Douglas, the take out for the river is above the falls.

To get to the put in drive until the river is visible on the left and flattens out, put in anywhere along here with a short walk down to the river.

APPROX LENGTH: About 2 km.

TIME NEEDED: 2 hours.


WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Local levels need to be at medium plus for the river, and low levels for the falls.

GRADING: G3 to 4+ for the river depending on water levels. I would grade the falls at 4+ to 6 depending on water levels. Its one of those rivers that gets significantly harder the more water there is.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: The falls of Douglas, make sure you identify them before you get on the river.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is a small narrow river, continuous throughout, running through a shallow gorge with numerous technical sections and boulder gardens.

The river starts flat, then runs into the gorge which is narrow in places. Numerous technical sections follow. A significant rapid and slab on a left hand bend is encountered about two thirds down the river. Interest remains all the way to the get out, don't miss it !

The Falls of Douglas can provide entertainment at low water levels, when the rest of the river is too low to consider. Falling a total of approx 30 feet the fall consists of three small drops which lead to a steep slide with a twist half way down, and a final ramp that propels you nicely into an undercut wall on the left. Control of your route on the way down is a bit hit or miss and may hurt!

Pictures of Douglas Water

OTHER NOTES: This is a super little river that is often driven past on the way to "better things"!