NAME OF RIVER: Allt nan Giuthas

WHERE IS IT?: Glen Etive, behind the Kingshouse hotel, running down from the Glencoe ski center

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in at the junction where the ski center road meets the A82 (NN 26729 53685). Once you’ve unloaded move your cars either up to the ski center or down to the Kingshouse. Take out at the bridge near the Kingshouse hotel (NN 25856 54576). Please park sensibly on this road and don’t annoy anyone from the hotel - there is a large layby just a short carry up the road towards the A82.


TIME NEEDED: 1 hour? You’ll probably do a few laps of the main rapid.

ACCESS HASSLES: It’ll be raining so much it’s likely no one will bother you.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: The water level needs to be really high after recent heavy rain. The riverbed should be full. Ideally it should still be raining. A lot.You can walk up to the main rapid from the Kingshouse to check that it is going.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Beer cans, buckfast bottles, there’s a fair amount of rubbish in here since it’s right next to the main road.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: When you get in by the side of the A82, you might be questioning your sanity, but fear not, it’s probably already gone. The first section is a proper ditch and you’re only really there for the novelty! Remember to wave to the cars as they pass.

After the road bridge there is a horizon line, it’s a bit bumpy but goes fine center-right. The main rapid is best inspected by breaking out (also known as grabbing the bank and hoping the heather doesn’t give way) before a large slab of rock on a sharp left bend. Wander down the right hand bank for a gander at the long grade 4 that awaits. The rock slab is a nice seal launch for getting back in!

Some small drops lead to a boof ledge straight into a long slide that can have an interesting hole part way down. At the bottom of this is another drop that boofs nicely but has a bit of a tow back if you get it wrong. The river splits around several islands and you rock bash down a few small drops to the road.



CONTRIBUTED BY: Kirsten Rendle

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