NAME OF RIVER: Allt Cheanna Mhuir.

WHERE IS IT?: Fort William area, half way along Loch Arkaig on the north shore. Map.

Take the B8004 to Loch Arkaig, just before reaching the loch you pass the big water falls on your right, the Gleann Cia-aig. From this point drive for 5 miles, one mile past the Allt Mhuic.The final slab fall is visible from the road on your right, you cant miss it!

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: From the road walk up stream, river right, passing a bridge over a forestry track onto the head of a gorge. At the head of the gorge are two large water falls which unfortunately have no plunge pools. Put in below these falls.

Take out at the base of the long slab raid, only a few yards from the road, or paddle on down into Loch Arkaig.


TIME NEEDED: About 1.5 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: Probably no issues, its miles from civilisation.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Local levels need to be medium plus, to get this running.

The level of the Gleann Cia-aig is probably a good guide, if the large central rock on the final fall of the Gleann Cia-aig covered them this (and the Allt Mhuic) is probably running.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: This is a fairly continuous run, the slabs visible from the road and the falls under the bridge are the main points of interest.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A nice continuous run with no particular nasties. All falls can be read run, with a bit of inspection on the walk up.

The run starts in the gorge at the base of a big fall, there are about 4 rapids and small drops in the gorge. The valley then opens out and a nice double fall below the bridge soon follows. These falls lead straight into the long slab rapid visible from the road, which if you like running slabs is a hoot!

Pics of the Allt Cheanna Mhuir

OTHER NOTES: We found it by accident while looking for the Allt Mhuic.