NAME OF RIVER: Allt Cam Ghlinne.

WHERE IS IT?:The first major burn running into the upper Etive after it is joined by the Coupall and before the Dominator slabs. It is on the opposite side of the river from the road.

The confluence with the Etive is at NN23965365. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Anywhere along it really, just hike up the side until you wanna get on.

As far as putting in goes, you can just keep walking up until you stop liking what you see. However, you can go a *long* way up with enough water, evenas far as the second minor trib.

APPROX LENGTH: Take a look.

TIME NEEDED: about 20 mins hiking up the side of Glen Etive if you want to make it worthwhile. Everything goes, so don't wimp out at the first fall on the way up, which is easier than it looks.

You could blast down in 5 mins, really depends how long you spend inspecting etc.

ACCESS HASSLES: Completely unproblematic.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: The Middle Etive was very high when we paddled this, needs slightly less water than the upper upper Etive run and the Allt a' Bhalaich though.

See the photo of Triple Step to indicate the level the middle Etive needs to be running at (minimum).

GRADING: Some 3+ interspersed with easy 4-, and two larger falls running at 4.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: A lot of it can be inspected from the boat, but recommend inspection on the way up. The two major falls are at the second minor trib and about half-way down, respectively, and are BOTH runnable at grade 4. Each is around four metres high, the first lands in a very small (but sufficient) pool and the second lands on rocks (but goes okay).

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: There are a combination of slabs, boulder gardens and falls running at 3 to an easy grade 4... technical, very enjoyable if you like a "proper" creeking experience. I'd say it's easier (although different) to the Allt A'Chaorainn when there's water about, perhaps with the exception of the two falls on the way down.

Pictures of the Allt Cam Ghlinne

Video of the Allt Cam Ghlinne

OTHER NOTES: This is a nice run and should really get more mention in guides.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Douglas Rae, also Dave at EUCC.