NAME OF RIVER: Talla Water.

WHERE IS IT?: Runs into the Talla reservoir near Megget reservoir in the Scottish Borders. Map. Don't get it confused with Games Hope Burn.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Take the Megget road from Megget reservoir and keep driving until you get to a small bridge over the burn, you can park in a walker's car park here. Take out at the bottom near the loch.

APPROX LENGTH: 1 or 2 km long and half a km down!

TIME NEEDED: Probably about 2 hours including inspection (more if you get the fear).

ACCESS HASSLES: No idea, there is a farm in the get out area. The burn is not paddled much at all.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs a bit of rain although possibly not as much as the nearby Megget. (Check the SEPA gauge for the Yarrow and if it looks like it's going off then Talla Water should be paddleable).

GRADING: Grade 5/5+.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: 2 major hazards which I saw...

1. First Fall: This fall drops into a narrow section and lands mostly on rocks. The best line looks to be down the far left which spits you back into the main stream heading for a rock wall, but at least there looks to be some water to land in here.

2. Second Fall: this is a 2 tiered fall, the first drop takes you down onto a small ledge then drops you off down a small constricted fall to a bottom I could not even see from the top of the first fall.

3. No doubt other falls equally as evil...

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Talla Water basically falls down the steep side of a none too small hill which my car had to go up in 1st gear! This run definitely seems hardcore
enough to make up for the mellowness of the rapids on the rest of the rivers in the area. I strongly recommend that you inspect the run in it's entirety before even putting boat to water as the second fall spelled the end to my desire to paddle this thing.

OTHER NOTES: Megget reservoir has a number of slightly easier looking burns to run if you turn up after some rain and come to the same decision about the Talla Water that I did. Games Hope Burn looks worth a look nearby.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Douglas Rae - Herriot-Watt/ Selkirk Canoe Club.