(Haddington to the Sea)

NAME OF RIVER: River Tyne (East Lothian) - Scotland

WHERE IS IT?: Just west of Haddington to sea at Tyningham.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Numerous entry/ exit points (more or less anywhere the road crosses) - I have paddled from Samuelston to the sea.

APPROX LENGTH: about 15-20 km.

TIME NEEDED: Depends on water level?

ACCESS HASSLES: No problem, it's in Scotland.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: needs a wee bit of water. If water levels are high be careful of trees.

GRADING: mostly grade I/II, East Linton Fall (IV,V?) but also weirs - inspect.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Steep weir one mile east of Haddington open boats need to portage, falls at East Linton - I do not know anyone who has paddled these - narrow channel with possibility of entrapment and unhappy landowner. Trees can be dangerous.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A small twisty river in places, good fun when high, the big weir below Haddington provides fun if high. Worth stopping as you pass Hailes Castle, immediately beside the river.

Pictures of the Tyne

OTHER NOTES: Alastair adds...(Summer 2001)...Have recently paddled from Auchendinny - Polton in higher water, grades go up a notch and everything fairly continuous.

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