(Fairnilee Farm to St Boswells)


WHERE IS IT?: Southern Uplands.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: This section starts by the bridge where the A707 crosses the river at Fairnilee Farm NT 458 325. Parking either by the old mill on the north back, or the Forestry Car park on the south.

Finish either at the bridge at St Boswell (NT 610 320) or at from a couple of tracks off the A699.

Another option by Selkirk CC...

'Putin - Fairnilee, take out - Melrose Cauld; or putin - Melrose Cauld, take out - the Viaducts; about 6-8 miles (1-2 Hours)

APPROX LENGTH: c. 17 miles.


ACCESS HASSLES: See the SCA Access notes on Scotland.


GRADING: Grade 1 and 2.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Weirs and a lot of hidden rocks

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This section is mostly flat with two weirs. Open countryside, a pleasent paddle (for a sunday morning)

OTHER NOTES: Beware of fishermen as there is a lot of them when it is fishing season and they are not happy people when they see us lot.
They are normally on the stretch above Melrose Cauld.

Adrian Aderyn ...'We paddled between Peebles and Coldstream, 50 miles. Took 2 1/2 days (2 in open canoe. Fit, but both novices). Scottish 'Right to Roam' accepted by almost all we met. Fishermen can pay enormous sums for a days fishing but are generally friendly enough if you acknowledge them and ask which side to paddle if they are in the middle of the river (Almost always BEHIND them). Not all weirs marked on the OS map, so use your ears! The river is generally fast-flowing (3-4 knots/ 4-5 mph) with occasional artifical salmon 'pools' where the water is still and is usually followed by a weir. Some rapids are unsuitable for (novice) open canoeists - a little porterage required. This was our first serious river trip, so difficult to judge against others, but we enjoyed the solitude (only craft on the river apart from the occasional fisherman).'

Consider carrying on downstream into the next section which includes Makerstoun rapids.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Janet Moxley, also Adrian Aderyn and Selkirk CC.