WHERE IS IT?: Scottish Borders near Megget reservoir which is situated between Moffat and Selkirk. It is sign posted from the Loch but best to bring along some sort of map.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Drive up the Megget valley until you get to a sign saying Megget Reservoir (or something along those lines). The Sign is on a wall, next to a farm cottage and Glengaber Burn flows under a bridge between the two.

Put in just below the bridge on the Glengaber Burn and paddle the short stretch down to the Megget.

Take out next to the road bridge just before the Megget enters St Marys loch.


TIME NEEDED: About 20 mins but you can do it a few times.

ACCESS HASSLES: Ive put on after waving to the farmer at the get in so I doubt there will be any problems. Just dont park in front of his house etc as it will just annoy him unnecessarily!

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Now here comes the problem with the Megget. Megget reservoir is one of the main drinking water reservoirs for Edinburgh and Edinburgh does not have an overabundance of drinking water, so the dam is rarely released. Ive never seen the damn release, ever!! Although legend (and the SCA River Advisor) says it releases on a Tuesday but I would not like to bet on it.

There needs to have been a lot of local rain, the river Yarrow of which the Megget is the main trib should be high. The best time to catch it is after a heavy down pour when the ground is already wet. Saying that, it does not take biblical amounts of rain to make this section paddleable. As long as you can get down the small section of Glengaber Burn without it taking half the bottom off your boat the trip should be paddleable, albiet a bit of scrape.

GRADING: Grade 3. Although this section is only graded at 3 it is not a place for people likely to swim as the river is very fast, shallow and a swimmer would probably have rather intimate contact with a lot of rock.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Megget starts off flowing at a shallow G1/2 until you turn a corner and go round an island (left side is rocky and best avoided). After this island you get around 1km of read and run G3, this is really best treated as one big rapid. There are eddies but the higher it gets the less of them there are. The rapid ends in a small fall/stopper depending on levels and then its more shallow G1 until the takeout bridge.

As the river gets higher small falls turn into stoppers and it becomes faster and faster...

OTHER NOTES: There are a couple of burns flowing into the Megget reservoir worth having a quick look at. Not to mention Gameshope Burn and the upper Talla just over in the next valley

Megget Burns: There are a number of burns flowing into the Megget reservoir, 2 with some paddling potential. One beside a boat house (fairly obvious from the road) Which has a 3/4 metre fall. Also one on the far side of the loch at the top end. You can see it from the road, paddle across the loch to get to it. The upper Megget may be worth a try too but it is quite small and has lots of sheep gates.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Douglas Rae Selkirk CC