(Garrion Weir)


WHERE IS IT?:South of Glasgow. Map.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Coming from Glasgow, turn off the M74 to Lanark, if you get to the big roundabout that's formed by two bridges over the Clyde you've gone too far, but you can see the weir just upstream. So, head back the way you've come and turn (first?) right downhill (to a nursery/ garden centre) and follow that road all the way back to a dead end next to the roundabout. Carry your boat across the roundabout and then 20 yards or so up the road to Lanark. There's a track down to the river (don't park here). Walk/ paddle up to the weir.

The best way to get up to the weir is to cross the river and walk up the bank on the east side. This takes you right up to the play spot.

APPROX LENGTH: Short, but the 50 metres of paddling along the channel above the weir is pleasant.

TIME NEEDED: As long as you like.

ACCESS HASSLES: No problems so far as long as you park as above.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: High when water is going over the lip of the weir. Just OK when water is low.

GRADING: Probably 3.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Hole untested in high water...

Easier to get out of the play hole on the right (looking upstream), the left is a bit sticky....

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The river flow is directed down the left (looking upstream), quite a good stopper forms here with a hole at the right hand end. The pool is deep but shallows quickly so i'ts quite a safe place to swim. Back loops, tailys etc are possible. To date this has only been tested at low flows, so approach with care in higher flows.

Went back last week in high water (water going over the lip of the weir). Big hole forms. Didn't have the bottle to go into it, probably for the first time you need someone with a throw line on the bank. However could be a grand place to play...........:

We went there with the river at medium flow and with a play boater in tow, cartwheels pop-outs etc. were performed.

It's not really a wave that forms more a hole, however it's not too difficult to get out of the hole and you always seems to wash you out when upside down.

It would probably be OK in high flows.

Adam 'Duckboy' Davies, 03-01-2006...'We went here with 6 playboaters in very early January. It had rained hard a few days before but the river was probably very low, no water was going over the weir lip on surfers left, only on the far right lip which is the point furthest upstream. The hole was too shallow for loops and we found that the second you dropped an edge to try anything you got flushed out the back.

The whole hole drags you into the pit which you can comfortably side surf if you don't mind being bounced around a whole lot! Exiting the hole is easy if you can control yourself in a hole well enough!

I can see how this spot could improve with more water but I am not sure we would head back. This could be a good spot for taking people to learn how to sidesurf and spin but I wouldn't want to powerflip!'

Picture of the Weir

OTHER NOTES: This is an OK easily accessed play spot, close to Glasgow. Anyone else have experience of this spot?

CONTRIBUTED BY: Robin Cole, also Adam Davies.