(A801 to Linlithgow)


WHERE IS IT?: Linlithgow near Edinburgh just off the M9.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: You can put in either:

At the bridge at Avonbridge (NS 91118 72756).

At the bridge where the A801 crosses the Avon (NS 95454 73582), if you take the left directly after the bridge (coming from the north) you can park here along the roadside more safely than nearer the bridge.

Get out in Linlithgow at the bridge (NS 98339 77196) by the Bridge Inn pub before the weir at the slalom course.

APPROX LENGTH: 13km from Avonbridge, 7km from the A801.

TIME NEEDED: About 2 hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: No idea, there is a nature walk beside the river so as long as you are considerate I can't foresee any problems.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Rain!!! This trip needs a reasonably large amount of rain. We paddled it after 2 days of rain and it was pretty scrapey. If it chucks it down in the Edinburgh area for a few days then it should be running.

Gauge: Avon (Forth Valley) @ Polmonthill ( ... t&lc=14884) 0.9 is a low level.

GRADING: Grade 3, although it probably deserved a Grade 2/3 rating when we did it. Others I know have described it as a lot harder when it comes up becoming more powerful and apparently one rapid managed to back loop a slalom boat.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Barbed wire across the river under the bridge at 55.935421, -3.718377 (the first road bridge downstream from Avonbridge) and then again shortly after. Lots of overhanging trees.

A bizarre little weir that drops straight into a Grade 2 rapid. Not really very hard to hit, just take it down the middle and dodge the rocks :-).

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The river consists of mainly grade 2 and 3 rapids and gets better further down in a sort of half gorge section. Considering where the river is located the water is quite clean and the surroundings a nice forest. Worth a go for anyone in the central belt area who what to paddle water, not sewage. Nothing too hard on it.

OTHER NOTES: Close to this is the River Almond, I've not paddled this yet but am aiming to in the near future, it looks quite good and at a harder grade than the Avon.

Robin Cole, July 2004...'I've wondered about this river for a while but I always thought that the Gorge (that runs parallel to the M9) from Linlithgow down would be a better
bet. Anyone paddled it?'

CONTRIBUTED BY: Douglas Rae - Herriot-Watt/ Selkirk Canoe Club and Jonathan Riddell.