WHERE IS IT?: NE Scotland.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in - There's a green footbridge bridge in Nethy (NJ0122 2016) if you drive up the road from the Spar. The first two way bit in the road, go left and you'll come to it. Alternatively if you can get to Forest Lodge in the Abernethy woods you can apparently start there (NJ0209 1613).
Get out - bridge in Nethy (although you're into people's back gardens so not it's not great), a better choice would be to continue down to the Spey (which will probably be tanking if this is going) and get out at Broomhill Bridge (NH9972 2234).

APPROX LENGTH: 1km / about 2km more if you start at Forest Lodge but we've never done this part

TIME NEEDED: 30mins - 1hour

ACCESS HASSLES: Could be tricky accessing the river at Forest Lodge and the folk at the green footbridge put-in in Nethy won't be used to paddlers parking outside their house, be sensible.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Look over the bridge in Nethy, if it looks paddleable it probably is. The more, the better. If it's scrapey just don't bother, you will have a grim time.



GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Worth doing for novelty value if you're on the way home from something good. It's all grade 2 bump and scrape with the main hazards being rocks (as it's pretty shallow) and trees across the river. There is one corner (grade 2/3) which is slightly more difficult about half way down but nothing to worry about.
While it's not tricky you wouldn't want to take a beginner/early intermediate on it as it's pretty much every person for themselves! You need to able to care of yourself and have adequate control of your boat so you don't end up in a bush or one of the overhanging trees.

OTHER NOTES: If it's at a good level you will fly along and be at the get out before you know it. Also attempted on an inflatable lilo which lasted 100 meters before popping.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Freddie Kaye, James Stock, Olly Wroe