(Top section to Dulsie Bridge)

NAME OF RIVER: Findhorn.

WHERE IS IT?: NE Scotland.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: The take out at Dulsie Bridge (NH 93195 41450), park in the layby beside the bridge, or you could carry on down the next section. To find the put in, cross the river and take the next left to Banchor heading upstream. Put in where the road next gets close to the river (NH 89141 40280). There is a grassy bank to scramble down.


TIME NEEDED: 1 hour?

ACCESS HASSLES: Unknown. There’s not a large amount of parking so large groups may find they have to be creative with vehicles.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: High water is needed for this section. Gauge available here.


MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Dulsie rapid can come up pretty fast and eddies are few and far between above it.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: There is nothing very serious on this section but gives a good warm up before Dulsie bridge - there is one mini gorge which looks very similar to the gorge section at Dulsie - ie. blind Right hand bend - but with nothing below it - great fun for a group of novices who've looked at Dulsie bridge and think they've arrived - only to be seemingly led blind into it!! (sorry - couldn't resist that one). The grade 4 rapid just above Dulsie bridge is difficult, see the guide to the next section for more info. The river can be fairly continuous with a good flow, it is worth scouting and possibly marking an eddy above Dulsie before you get on if you plan on stopping above it.

OTHER NOTES: Other sections to consider are Dulsie Bridge to Logie Bridge, Logie bridge to Randolph's Leap, or Randolph's Leap to Mains of Sluie.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Kirsten Rendle and Dave Francis.

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