(Upper Section above Dam)


WHERE IS IT?: Ross-shire.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: See below; if you can make any sense of it!

APPROX LENGTH: About 7km. I only paddled the last 2 km which has some nice playspots as I remember. Bottom section very short. Less than 2 km, but full of interest. Paddle through a natural rock arch etc.


ACCESS HASSLES: Its so dam effected that I don't think it's of interest to salmon fisherpeople.


GRADING: Grade 2/3.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Perhaps I should not tell you about this. The Meig may be one of those rivers you are not allowed to know about, but in the end the truth will out. The upper Meig is a gentle grade 2/3 which needs a good bit of rain to be enjoyable. I don't want to give any more information because it is the kind of river which is fun to explore - to get out and look or to take it on blind? You'll ask this question more than once - guaranteed!! The upper Meig is the section described on page 51 of the SCA guide. In a cunning ploy to confuse our good friends from the south, the put-in grid reference is given back to front. It says GR522284 whereas it should really say NH284522. Even that looks doubtful. I think it should be NH283525. Disinformation has always been a speciality of the Scots. I've only paddled this stretch once and got in farther downstream. I think. It was New Years Day and I don't really remember it all.

Picture of the Upper Meig

OTHER NOTES: I've only paddled it once so cannot give reliable info. The bottom section is a bit of a classic. Ideal for very short boats and if you get fed up paddling there is good rock climbing on the gorge walls at the end.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Ron Cameron and Dave Aldritt.



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Re: River Meig - Upper Section above Dam -- norhtern boy
2018 Apr 15 10:37:11 AM
There is an really good section hidden away much further up the glen. Drive to the private road signs, park up then start walking. the track crosses the river just after an old house. It might be tempting to carry on on river left but don't, it is a considerably longer walk. Instead take to the walkers path on river right. after 1.5km put on above a considerable multi tear slide. At the bridge over the river if you can easily float down then the section is good to go. The top slide has some powerful holes when high and the short gorge section deserves respect for as there are some big holes. Once out of the mini gorge its a float down to the last drop, you would have seen this from a distance on the walk up. there is a line down the river right. Extreme care not to go centre at the top of this drop as there is a horrible cyphon on the entrance, easily avoided. then its a float back to the loch and your car.

There are a few more drops much further up the glen, I was fortunate enough to get a lift up to these. But it would be a very long walk.
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