(Alladale River to East Amat)

NAME OF RIVER: Upper Carron.

WHERE IS IT?:The River Carron flows into the Dornoch Firth at Bonar Bridge North of Inverness. The section described here is basically the higHest part of the river you can paddle without having to walk in and indeed where the Alladale and the Water of Glen Calvie join to become the Carron.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Drive up the glen to where the road splits off to Glen Calvie Lodge and park the car in the layby just past the junction heading towards Alladale Lodge. Put in below the bridge on the road to Calvie Lodge.

The take-out for this section is at the start of the Middle Carron several miles downstream where the road bridge crosses the river.


TIME NEEDED: 1-2 Hours.

ACCESS HASSLES: No problems known.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Have a look at the rapid above the bridge at the takeout, if this looks boney you would be best sticking to the middle Carron, if this looks big and bouncy with a clear line, head on up. You really want to be able to float freely down the flat section above here.

GRADING: Grade 3.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Some straightforward rapids and ledges carry you swiftly through the first tree lined section until the valley opens out and the river mellows in nature. From here on there are a few bouncy rapids interspersed with a fair amount of flat water. Less experienced paddlers should be sure to get off before the Road Bridge as the
falls below here can be testing in high water.

Pictures of the Carron

OTHER NOTES: This section combines perfectly with a run down the Middle Carron or the Alladale to make a full day's paddle. Also, if you take a look at the map you will see a whole host of other tributaries of the Carron in the vicinity which I believe have all been run.

This is ideal exploratory paddling territory so get out there and explore.