Sticky Hole

Jon Harwell boofing over Sticky Hole. Photo by Kirsten Rendle


David Colvill on the Cheesegrater slide in Graveyard. Picture by Kirsten Rendle.

Jon Harwell on the river right boof ledge in Graveyard, getting a bit close to John Rothwell as he finishes the slide. Picture by Kirsten Rendle.

Graveyard during the 2014 Wet West Paddle Fest (Andy Jackson memorial weekend). Picture by Kirsten Rendle.

Pic above from Stuart Wagstaff, showing the 2006 Andy Jackson Weekend

Above photo from Stuart Miller, showing the 2005 Andy Jackson Memorial Weekend.


The following photos show a larger water release (not described in the guide).

Pool above the rapids. The big falls beneath the dam are visible.

The last of the first series of falls below the pool...Paul Drury finding his way through a blizzard.

Mark Rainsley in the same fall.

The next series of falls...the first fall visible here is perhaps the 'crux' of the whole section, with big stoppers to avoid...

Mark Rainsley finding a stopper just below that fall.

Taken seconds after the above photo...Mark Rainsley heading for a right-hand bend which leads to...

...the last hard rapid, around a righthand bend from the section shown above.