The first tight drop below the small weir, elbow pads are highly reccomended! Paddler Sam Loyd, photo by Kirsten Rendle.

The next drop, immediately below. Paddler Andre Phillips, photo by Kirsten Rendle.

Tea Cup Falls. Paddler Fraser Gillies, photo by Kirsten Rendle.

Looking down into the depths of the gorge. Photo by Kirsten Rendle.

Some of the rapids require a certain sense of humour. Paddler Andre Phillips, photo by Kirsten Rendle.


Photos of Neil Farmer are from Jim Wallis.

In all these pictures below the paddler is Bernie McGee. Lurking in the background is Tom Brown, a rising force in Scottish paddling but then a 16 year old school boy dependent on geriatric school teachers for a day on the river - Ron Cameron.

Bernie below the exciting bit. You go down a narrow channel into a wee pool and then turn left over a drop and into a stopper.

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