The river right side of "Granny's hole" the first ledge drop below the bridge at the put in. Paddler Jon Harwell, photo by Kirsten Rendle.

The nasty looking pothole "Granny's hole". Paddlers Jon Harwell and Jen Hartnett. Photo by Kirsten Rendle.

The next rapid after Granny's hole, known as Am Bo Bahn which apparently means the white cow! Paddler Jen Hartnett, photo by Kirsten Rendle

Green bridge gorge. Paddlers Andre Phillips and Sam Lloyd. Photo by Kirsten Rendle.

An undercut ledge drop that hopefully cleans up with more water. Paddler Andre Phillips, photo by Kirsten Rendle.


Green Bridge Gorge, taken from the footbridge in low conditions, before rising really quickly. Pic from Andy Keen.

Put-in rapid

Start of the Gorge.

Sarah heading offline.

Colin gets it right.

Lead-in to the narrow drop.

The narrow drop.

Photos by Kris Waring and Sean Mulligan. All show Medium Water. Paddlers: Sarah, Colin and Kris.

Final undercut fall on the Carron. Pictures from David McCraw at EUCC - more at

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