NAME OF RIVER: Abhainn Mhr.

WHERE IS IT?:North West Scotland, Elphin, 16 miles north of Ullapool on the A835. OS Sheet 15, Put-In at GR 212123. Flows from Cam Loch to Loch Veyatie.


PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Access the river from the small dirt track that leads down to Loch Veyatie. The turn off is on the left as you go north, just before the small green tin shed. There is an unlocked gate at the top and its ok to drive right down and park at the bottom. The river lies just to the north of (behind) the hatchery buildings.

Follow up the river until you reach the falls this is what you came for. Get in anywhere above the lead in rapids that you can see from the footbridge. Takeout at the bottom.


TIME NEEDED: 15 min a shot.

ACCESS HASSLES: The salmon hatchery that the track leads to is closed. There is plenty of space to park just past or next to the buildings. Both adjacent lochs are popular for fishing so there are usually a few cars parked there already. Make sure you know your rights under the Scottish Land Reform Act.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Go down and look. Needs the loch to be up to level but can stay runnable for up to a week without rain.

GRADING: Grade 4. Could go up a grade in high water.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: It is a waterfall. The first drop of the main falls is rather shallow watch your ass.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Short but sweet. Three small drops leading into a three-tiered fall (8/9m total height). Its worth a visit youll want to do it at least three times.

Pictures of Abhainn Mhor

OTHER NOTES: Combine with a section of the River Inver (Near Lochinver) or the lower section of the Cuileig (Near Ullapool).

CONTRIBUTED BY: Sam Planterose, Alasdair Boyce and Matthew Dawson.