NAME OF RIVER: Knaike Water

WHERE IS IT?: Between Comrie (River Earn valley) and Braco, flows into the River Allan valley. A minor road from Comrie heads towards Braco. On the moor you see a lot of streams coming together forming a river. Eventually it drops out of sight but the road stays high up. This is Knaike Water.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: There is a small farm on the left hand side of the road heading towards Comrie and the put in is about five hundred meters further down the road next to a gate. As the put in point is only accessable through a farmers field it is recommended that permission should be sought after from the farmer. He does not seem to have a problem with canoeists, however he does have a big objection to fisherman. The takeout point is at a picnic site next to a large lay-bye just outside of Braco near the turning for the Comrie road. The picnic site is down a small public footpath.

APPROX LENGTH: Approximately 1 mile.

TIME NEEDED: Around 1 hour, subject to how long you spend at each fall.

ACCESS HASSLES: As far as I can tell there are no access agreements, however respect the farmer and request his permission to cross his land.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Heavy rainfall needed.

GRADING: Waterfalls...grade 3/4 depending on the river level .

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Trees. There are six main notable falls as far as Ican remember and as the river was at a medium level only the main centre fall was of any real hazard.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is recommended as a short 'add-on' trip after paddling the Water of Ruchill.

The river is a series of ramps and waterfalls - pretty straightforward with no real rapids as far as I remember, (just waterfalls!) a good way to end the day on the way home after the Water of Ruchill. All falls are runnable and depending on river levels, the centre falls may require some bank support. I have ran all of the falls and none of them seem to have any underwater hazards. The main thing to watch out for is overhanging trees.

OTHER NOTES: I only paddled this small section, but I have looked at the river further upstream and there is nothing worth getting wet over. This section is a good stretch of water and although short it is worth it for centre falls alone.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Anon and Mark Stafford, Army Canoe Union lesmmjs@hotmail.



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Re: Snaike Water -- willow
2014 Oct 29 12:32:59 PM

Agree with Kmac above, we ran it at very high levels after several days of heavy rain. Allan was well into HUGE on the Wheres the Water site. We also put in on the Allt an t-Seilich, which was a good fun start and rather ditch like, grade 2 water but we came accross three fences and numerous lines strung above us. Probably 5 fences, and 4 random wires/lines strung accross above us which had potential.

The river was bouncy until we came to the challenging section described above. We also scouted all 4 drops in one go. The first two had big river wide retentive stoppers, then next two looked big but flushed through fine with the 4th drop a long ramp which was just good fun although pretty big at this level. There were just two of us, we supported the top drop then ran the next three as a pair. Just a solid boof required, but if you did get worked in there it would be need good bank support to get you out, or some deep swimming. Great fun though and worth the trip for the ditch run and that small section. Just had a different feel this place, makes a nice contrast when running other rivers.
Re: Snaike Water -- kmac
2013 Apr 18 02:23:12 PM
Paddled the Knaik Water after heavy rains on 17/04/2013. Here’s what we found at very high water levels!“I have looked at the river further upstream and there is nothing worth getting wet over.” - We got in a lot higher than the point described above (grid ref. NN 778 148) from a layby on the left-hand side of the road from Braco to Comrie. We crossed bare moorlands to a small wooden bridge from which we launched into the stream which turned out to be the Allt an t-Seilich, a tributary of the Knaik. The water was very high although it provided a good warm up with narrow grade 2 meandering fast water for a few kms. Always be on the look-out for fences crossing the river, there are lots of them! There’s also a lot of trees and small branches to weave around so have your wits about you! Advice would be to not paddle in a group bigger than 3 at this level, the Allan running on ‘Huge’ according to“A series of ramps and waterfalls - pretty straightforward with no real rapids as far as I remember” - The Knaik itself was fast and continuous grade 2/3 with few eddies and we kept scouting blind corners where possible in case of trees in the very high water. You will need to inspect the grade 4 section which is located after a convenient flat 100m of river after which there is a horizon line (you can hear the rumbling around the corner!) The 'grade 4 section' compromised of 4 chunky drops or slides into intimidating holes. We eddied out and inspected this section from top to bottom as there’s more than you think! The 1st and 2nd drops were very retentive with river-wide stoppers and a log river right in the 1st (grade 4 /5 at this level?). A trashing here and a lost boat put the rest of the group off running these. The 1st drop is also rather difficult to set safety up on and needs a really good throw with at least a 15m throwline! The 3rd and 4th slides and the ‘smaller’ rapids thereafter were less retentive but still very powerful. The rest of the Knaik was big, bouncy and hellish fun including a huge slide and massive hole around a blind corner towards the end! Eddy out where you can before the bridges in Braco.Total decent 106.9m over 8.75km of river. Took 7 of us 3-4 hours including lots of scouting and some faff finding paddles and a lost boat after the grade 4 section.
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