NAME OF RIVER: Invervar Burn, River Lyon tributary.

WHERE IS IT?: Glen Lyon (OS sheet 51).

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in below the obvious man made weir. Get out - after the road bridge.


TIME NEEDED: 30 min.

ACCESS HASSLES: The parking place at the get out is directly in view of some houses, and you pass by these as you carry the boat up the hill. On the day I did Invervar burn, there were signs up warning that stalking was taking place on the hill, we spoke to the residents at the house and told them what we wanted to do, they said it was o.k. as the stalking was taking place higher up the hill, so apparently no access probs here for a small group.See the SCA access notes also.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Invervar - take a walk up to the first couple of drops and check that you can paddle over the drops, the plunge pools are deep enough.

GRADING: Invervar Burn is a STEEP 4/5!!!


Richard Waterworth (April 2005)...'the logs at the top have moved and are now across the burn further down where it is easier to portage.'

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Carry up the track untill you come out of the forest (you may want to look at some of the drops on the walk up), turn left towards the river, and get on below the man made dam. When we did it, the exit from this first pool was blocked with wood. Then lots of drops to the end, where you get out with a big smile.

Photos of Inverar Burn

OTHER NOTES: Obviously this trip is best done combined with the River Lyon.

If Invervar Burn is running, take a look at Innerwick Burn also.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Michael Meaden, also Richard Waterworth.